Broken Springs Garage Door

Garage door springs are subject to a great deal of torque and tension over their lifetime

Like all mechanical devices they can and do wear out and fail. If you are having a problem with your garage door springs and it’s time to have it addressed contact us at Garage Door Service INC, your comprehensive garage door service. We can perform any type of garage door repair but garage door spring repair is one of our most common assignments. We will always perform garage door spring repair whenever that is possible. But sometimes springs have failed completely and there is no option but completely replacing them. When that is the case, we are always focused on holding down your garage door spring replacement cost. What we always like to do in these cases is to have one of our expert technicians come out to your home or business and assess the situation and give you a free no obligations estimate for the scope and cost of the work. This way we are on the same page “from go” with our customers.  And our techs are superb at garage door trouble shooting and they will never steer you wrong. 

Garage door spring repair Colorado Front Range

By way of introduction, we are Garage Door Service INC and we’ve been providing unparalleled garage door service to the Colorado Front Range for over a decade. We are open 6Am thru 10PM daily mobile garage door service which means that anywhere at any hour of any day we will come to you in the Front Range bringing the best in garage door service. Our 6Am thru 10PM daily mobile operating model is a very good program to have available to you because it makes us your EMERGENCY garage door service and there are times when a garage door spring repair or garage door spring replacement- or any other garage door repair need- really can be an emergency. And in those times, we are there for you equipped with all necessary garage door parts and with the professional sense of urgency that you deserve. We have over 1000 “5 Star” reviews from actual customers on Google and we warranty all work and product for 90 days after completion. Also, we extend a 3 day no questions asked RETURNS policy on all garage door repair including garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement. Really, we do! If you are dissatisfied and let us know that within 3 days of completion of the project we’ll come back out and remove the whole thing- no charge, no fuss, no questions asked. 

Contact us.

For garage door spring repair, garage door spring replacement, or for any type or manner of garage door repair Garage Door Service INC may be summoned in either of two ways. You can reach us there by cell phone, tablet or PC. And our phone number is   (720) 924-9966   if you prefer to speak with us. But whichever route you choose to call us out we want to assure you that if “Live Chatting” online or speaking on the phone you’ll be dealing directly with Garage Door Service INC

We will never- NEVER- shuffle you off to some distant and disinterested “call center”. That’s not the way that we do business, we would never turn our customers over to amateurs. When your situation is urgent just let us know that and we will usually have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you directly within 2 minutes. After that the tech will arrive at your location very quickly, usually within 20 t0 45 minutes. Of course, if your situation isn’t urgent you can schedule our work or a free estimate either online or via phone at your convenience. But we are focused on getting to you rapidly when needed so, because we have determined that the fastest way to get a tech to your location is by having you book our services online, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. We encourage you to take advantage of this discount and help us serve you better. 

Remember, we’re open 6Am thru 10PM daily and mobile all through the Front Range for all of your garage door spring repair, garage door spring replacement, and general garage door repair needs.