New Cables for Garage Door

We are specialists in roll-up doors and overhead doors

If you have just found your garage door broken and know or suspect that you need new garage door cables or garage door chains, you should get in touch with us here at Garage Door Service INC. If your garage doors are roll-up doors or overhead doors they will have either chains or cables making them work. If you have assessed that your problem is with your cables or chains, you are probably correct but it’s still best to get Garage Door Service INC out to your location because our expert technicians are masters at garage door trouble shooting and we’ll know in a few moments where the actual problem lies. And along with being a comprehensive garage door service and garage door repair service we are also a garage door parts supplier so whatever garage door replacement parts your project requires whether it’s cables or chains, garage door openers or garage door springs we can diagnose your problem and get it fixed. But we are specialists in roll-up doors and overhead doors which all have either cables or chains, so just think of us as your overhead door local authority. 

Garage Door Cable Repair Colorado Front Range

When you require garage door cable or chain repair, here are several more reasons you should think of Garage Door Service INC. For openers we’ve been in business for over 10 years and we have over 1000 “5 Star” reviews from actual customers on Google. We are also open 6AM thru 10PM daily MOBILE garage door service which means that we will come to your location every hour of every day including holidays and anywhere in the Front Range! This makes Garage Door Service INC your perfect EMERGENCY GARAGE DOOR SERVICE! And, when you ask us to come to your location, we are always happy to do so and give you a FREE No Obligations Estimate for the work that is called for or being considered. Go ahead and have one of our competitors take a look and give you an estimate for the work, we don’t mind. We’re sure that our estimate will be more than competitive. Also, after the work is complete, we warranty all work and product for 90 days. And, and we don’t think that any other garage door service will offer you this- we extend a 3 day no questions asked RETURNS policy to each of our customers. Really, we do! If you are dissatisfied with our work or product and you let us know about it within 3 days we will have our tech come back out and remove everything that we have replaced or installed, no charge, no fuss, no questions asked. You have no doubt guessed that we wouldn’t extend such a surety unless we had complete and total confidence in our work!

Contacting Garage Door Service INC

Garage Door Service INC may be contacted in either of two ways. Via cell phone, tablet or PC online, or via a regular phone call to (720) 924-9966. But one thing we wish you to understand is that whether you are “Chatting Live” with us on the website or speaking with us on the phone you will always be dealing directly WITH US! The PERSON helping you will be a salaried and trained employee of Garage Door Service INCs and NEVER a phone drone in some distant call center. We don’t use call centers and we don’t do business that way. If you need us immediately- day or night- just let us know that and usually we’ll have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you directly within 2 minutes. After that we will usually have that same tech on location with you within 20 to 45 minutes anyplace in the Front Range. We take pride in saying that when you need garage door service on an ASAP basis nobody will reach you more quickly than we will. And to illustrate our commitment to a Rapid Response when you need one let us mention that we have determined that the quickest way for us to get a tech at your side is when we have you use the website to contact us. So, to encourage our customers to summon us via the website we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services “booked” that way. It let’s you save a little money while helping us to serve you better!

So, if you need us for cables, chains or any other garage door repair jump on the website and we’ll schedule at your convenience or as an urgent response, whichever you need!