Greetings from Garage Door Service INC!

We are headquarters for all of the Colorado Front Range for new garage door openers, garage door opener installation and garage door opener repair. We sell, install and fix garage openers anywhere and anytime in the Front Range. We are open 6Am thru 10PM daily and fully mobile garage door service including all holidays so whenever you need us, wherever you need us, Colorado Front Range, we will be there for you. Our comprehensive garage door openers services extend to both residential and commercial garage doors and to overhead doors and roll-up doors or any other electric garage door repair or installation where garage door openers are involved. If a garage door opener can be repaired, we can get that job done for you. But if a garage door opener must be replaced or you need a garage door opener for a new door, we are distributors for the superb Guardian Garage Door Opener and the excellent line of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers. We have chosen to distribute for these companies because our experience informs us that they make the best garage door openers in the USA. And they make them here in the USA!

Garage Door openers Colorado Front Range

In case you are not familiar with us allow us to tell you about ourselves. Garage Door Service INC is a complete garage door service company providing our customers garage door openers sales and service and every other type of service for residential and commercial garage doors. We have been serving the Front Range for over a decade and we have “5 Star” reviews on Google. Our technicians are first class at garage door trouble shooting and will always give you the best advice and will work to hold down your costs wherever possible. And we are always happy to send a tech out to your location to give you a free no obligation estimate for any work that you may need or are considering. We warranty our work and product for 90 days and we have a Returns Policy that you might not believe but that’s factual. We extend a 3 day no questions asked returns policy on all our work. So, if you’re dissatisfied just let us know that within 3 days and we’ll return and take back everything that we did no charge, no fuss, no questions asked.  No kidding! No one can beat that for a surety of their work.

Contact Garage Door Service INC

Garage Door Service INC can be summoned at your convenience and leisure or, if you have a garage door opener or garage door openers situation that you view as urgent we can get to you on an ASAP basis. You can get in touch with us to “book” our services online or our phone number is (720) 924-9966. Please note that our records have helped us determine that the quickest way for us to get a tech to your location is via the website. But what we want you to know right up front about summoning us is that when you do, either by phone call or “Live Chat”, you will always, ALWAYS, being dealing directly with Garage Door Service INC. You’ll be communicating with a salaried and well-trained employee of OURS and never with a contracted “call center”. We never use call centers. If you need us right away just tell us that and we will usually have the tech assigned to your case on the phone with you within 2 minutes. After that we will usually have that same tech onsite with you, at a residence or a business, within 20 to 45 minutes. We take getting to you rapidly when you need us very seriously and to illustrate that, since we know that the website is the fastest way to get to where you are, we try to encourage our customers to go use the website by automatically applying a 10% discount to all services booked online. We’ll do anything that we can think of to find ways to serve you better. 

Colorado Front Range folks and families, we are here for you right now, standing by and ready to roll for any garage door openers problems, or any garage door repair for that matter.